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Drury High School 8th graders Experience Service Learning at the Berkshire Humane Society


  • Project TitleDrury High School 8th graders Experience Service Learning at the Berkshire Humane Society
  • Theme Learn what the needs of the Berkshire Humane Society are.
    Determine how we can help.
    Act on our decision.
  • Submitted ByDonna Hitchcock
  • OrganizationDrury High School
  • Brief DescriptionAfter a presentation from SLAC my students brainstormed ideas for their own service learning project. They chose the Berkshire Humane Society. We had less about 2 1/2 weeks to pull it all together before this class would move on to different exploratory arts class. Not only did we need to work out logistics for a field trip, we needed to work with the foods 1 class to research and make dog and cat treats. During our research we came across startling information on human food that was toxic to dogs. We decided to create a large poster to for the animal shelter to help educate new dog owners. Next we needed to create labels for packaging of our animal treats. The next part of the process was to meet with the volunteer coordinator at the BHS, Terry Bissialion and take a tour to learn about the daily operation. This was videotaped. The last piece of this adventure was to use Imovie and create public service announcements.

  • Materials / ResourcesCOMPUTER, for internet research and the designing of educational posters as well as the labels and packaging for our animal treats.
    LARGE FORMAT PRINTER for poster size prints or
    COLOR PRINTER for flyer size
    INGREDIENTS...various according to recipes
    BOXES ( chinese or other takout )
    SOFTWARE...PhotoShop, powerpoint,
  • Team membersEight graders from my Digital Media Arts class
    Berkshire Humane Society
    Terry Bissailion, Volunteer coordinator
    Judi Motoizo and her Foods 1 class
    SLAC and SL advisor Anne French
  • Pre-requisite knowledgeStudents should have basic working knowledge of Photoshop tools, understand how to combine text and graphics and work with layers. However, Microsoft Word or any program can be substituted
  • Technical support neededinternet access, for research and email, Adobe PhotoShop, PowerPoint
  • Any modifications or extensions for particular student populations?This type of activity lends itself to the natural and logical adaptions necessary for the individual, manifest results from simplistic to complex.

Key Questions

  • Key QuestionsHow can we help the Berkshire Humane Society
  • Connections: How or why was this topic identified? Why is it meaningful?It was meaningful to the students because many students have pets and there was a huge emotional response to the plight homeless animals.
  • Background Research: What resources were used to find background information for this project?
  • Outcomes: What was the outcome? How was it shared or applied in the community?We created a PSA aired on local tv and a 23" x 33" educational poster titled "Toxic Food for dogs"

Units / Activities

  • Day 1 What is service learning? SLACK presentationI had the luxury of a student lead presentation explaining all about Service Learning to my 8th grade Digital Media Arts students. The link here provides some useful information

    Web Link:

  • Day 2 Choose topicClass discussion The attachment here was provided by Anne French, our Service Learning Coordinator

    View/Download File: /project235_1882/brainstorm clouds.doc

  • Day 3 planDivision of labor
    I contacted the BHS and worked out all the details and told my contact at the shelter to expect an email from one of my students, who will be thinking she is making the arrangements. Another student had to email our principal and a third student had to make arrangements our SL coordinator for transportation. Finally another student emailed Ms. Motoiso to see if we could schedule a "cooking day" and join her class to help make the treats.
    This link has good info on structuring content of a poster. I used it to help show what we needed in our poster.

    Web Link:

  • Day 4 and 5 Researchmore research
    planing content of poster
    At first I had students use PhotoShop for their poster. The large size Photoshop files were too much for our computers to handle so we used PowerPoint. We went to file>page setup and changed the dimensions. This is a good workaround if you are planning on a large format print out.

    View/Download File: /project235_1882/Poster session rubric.doc

  • Day 6 Posters dueFinal edits last day to work on poster

    View/Download File: /project235_1882/Toxic foods.ppt

  • Day 7 cooking classStudents followed recipes mixed and measured ingredients, baked and cleaned up. We also needed to pack hundreds of animal treats into a freezer until we could package and label.
  •  /project235_1882/PICT3144.JPG/project235_1882/PICT3155.JPG/project235_1882/PICT3173.JPG
  • day 10 format recipe for back of packageCut out labels and recipe and glue to package.

    View/Download File: /project235_1882/peanutbutter doggie treats.doc

    View/Download File: /project235_1882/cat treats.doc

  • Day 12 TripStudents developed a question list to ask our tour guide. We took still photos and video.
  • Day 13,14,15viewed footage
    introduced Imovie
    created 30 sec. psa

    Web Link:¤t=finalbhsstrdent.mp4

Instructional Techniques

Assessment Techniques

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