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Drury Goes Green


  • Project TitleDrury Goes Green
  • Theme:logos. posters and videos to inspire going green
  • Submitted ByDonna Hitchcock
  • OrganizationDrury High School
  • Brief DescriptionStudents learn about what it means to go green. Then they create videos and logos to teach about going green and to help motivate conservation and responsible behavior
  • Materials / ResourcesComputer
    Large format printer for poster size prints
    standard size color printer


    View/Download File: /project236_2321/poster going green.doc

    View/Download File: /project236_2321/grouping assignment.doc

  • Team members8th grade Digital Media Arts class
    mixed grade 8-12 Computer Application
  • Pre-requisite knowledgePhotoshop basics, however other programs can be substituted, such as micosoft word.
  • Technical support neededcomputer

Key Questions

  • Key QuestionsWhat does "Going Green Mean"
    How can we teach people about going green?
    How can we motivate people to go green?
  • Connections: How or why was this topic identified? Why is it meaningful?Students hear and see the phrase "going Green" everywhere, but do not really know what it means and how wide reaching a topic is.
  • Outcomes: What was the outcome? How was it shared or applied in the community?Posters hung at school
    Logos (some used as poster headings)
    PSA Broadcast over school system as well as public access television

Units / Activities

Instructional Techniques

  • model examples discussion connecting to the real worldWe worked together to discuss possible areas of interest for the creation of a series of public service announcements. Students were shown models from the Ad council

    Web Link:

Assessment Techniques

  • rubricThis is a formal lesson plan that I followed with some tweaking. It includes a rubric and gives students clear expectations

    View/Download File: /project236_2321/PSA Project.pdf

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