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Rope Baskets


  • Project TitleRope Baskets
  • ThemeCraft / Science Wednesday project
  • Submitted ByJennifer Leonard
  • OrganizationThe Skills Library
  • Materials / ResourcesCotton rope, yarn, yarn needles, scissors

Instructional Techniques

  • Lesson Opening / Visual ExamplesAs participants arrive, they see examples of completed baskets on the table, along with materials and visual instructions.
    NOTE: This activity is ideal for use in after-school and vacation drop-in programs and workshops. Most recently, I have used this project in an after-school science program. The participants welcome a variety of craft, garden and other activities that are not traditional-science-focused because they appreciate the hands-on challenges and the science insights that come from these projects.
  •  /project653_0788/Slide1.JPG/project653_0788/Slide2.JPG
  • DiscussionAsk the question: How is craft related to science? Answers may vary, focusing on:
    - Engineering and design concepts,
    - Skills and skill development (the skills needed to make and invent);
    - History/anthropology -- explain that weaving is a "human universal," meaning that every society in history has practiced some type of weaving.
  • Hands On WorkAllow plenty of time for hands-on practice in making baskets. Provide partially started baskets that students can make. (Starting the basket is challenging, while continuing an already-started basket is fairly easy and intuitive. Participants who are interested can learn how to start baskets later on.)
  •  /project653_0788/Basket2.JPG/project653_0788/Basket3.JPG/project653_0788/Basket4.JPG/project653_0788/basket11.jpg/project653_0788/Basket8.JPG
  • Alternate activitiesProvide alternative activities for participants who may want a less-intricate craft. Alternate activities can include photography (assign a participant to take photos to document the process), drawing, or simple sewing projects. (NOTE: The slides shown above, titled Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3, were created by a participant who didn`t feel that she could make a basket, but chose to document the process for others.)

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