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Contextual Learning Projects often include an opportunity for reflection, with journal writing and reflection writing as a key part of project assessment.

The purpose of the reflective writing is to help program participants to consolidate what they have learned and to expand on their ideas and insights.

Reflective writing is valuable for consolidating your knowledge - reviewing and summarizing what you have learned through the project. This type of reflection is valuable as a foundation for setting future goals and taking next steps related to the topic.

Reflective writing is also valuable for expanding your ideas and insights - using your experience as a starting point for exploring ideas, thinking about trends, and working out your own opinions on various subjects. The topics for these reflections may be very specific or very broad, including reflections on specific skills used during the project experience — such as leadership skills or listening skills or motivation – or reflections on larger trends in school and community issues, technology, job markets and other areas.

What makes a good reflection question that helps writing to flow easily and that helps participants to consolidate knowledge and expand ideas and insights?

Reflection Questions & Resources:
What Makes a Good Reflection Question - From the Guide to Contextual Learning